3 Interview Design challenges

Job hunting can be quite an ordeal, and for designers this is especially true. Now we all know what to expect in the first interview with a variety of questions and a portfolio presentation, but when it comes to the second round interview, that can be a completely different story. Most of the time it…

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Playing Cat And Mouse With App notifications

After being endlessly distracted and finding my attention span diminish, I decided to turn off most of the push app notifications on my phone. I thought that it would instantly make interacting with these services better, but I’ve found that Instagram doesn’t want you to escape so easily, and LinkedIn and Facebook have plenty of…

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Hackathon Survival Guide

Now that I have been to a few hackathons, there are plenty of things that I would have wanted to know before hand. While I can’t travel back in time to talk to my former self, hopefully what I’ve learned can prepare you. Before 1. Check out all the details. While this seems obvious, fact…

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Top content for 2017 — UX, design, tech and beyond

I’ve consumed a tonne of content in the last year, the best of which have been lucky enough to end up in this list. Please feel free to add in the comments what videos and articles that you loved from 2017. Enjoy! Algorithms, machine learning The influence of algorithms This is a great playlist of 7…

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