I’m a UX Designer that’s passionate about creating experiences that improve people’s lives. It’s a pretty bold statement, but that’s because I recognise that users are real people, and that their experience with a product can have a considerable impact on their everyday lives.



I watched over a project Nicole and her team from General Assembly worked on for 2.5 weeks. The work was clear and well considered, and is going ahead as described by the documentation prepared for the development team.

Hilary Cinis – NICTA via LinkedIn


I have had the pleasure of working with Nicole on www.costasworld.org, she is not only a fantastic person who I enjoy spending my time with, but a dedicated, ambitious, clever character that is sure to succeed in whatever she puts her mind to. She constantly exceeds expectation and goes above and beyond to ensure quality and success. I hope to spend many more years working with her in some capacity and have no hesitation in recommending her.

Gina Lopez – Bluewolf via LinkedIn


Nicole was always willing to listen and was always willing to help where she could. Nicole was always displayed initiative, collaborating with my company to produce a professional photo shoot and creative portfolio to serve two purposes – her own major project, as well as to highlight the dancers talent for marketing collateral.

Debbie Hatumale – Addicted to Social via LinkedIn


Public Speaking

What is UX, and how can your business benefit from it? (10th June 2015)
This is a presentation I gave at The Digital Marketing Connection where I explained what UX is, as well as presenting a number of ideas on how to get started with UX in any business.

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