Persona Set

Date May 2015
Client Reckon (Accounting software company)
Key goal Creating personas from scratch for the Reckon One product to assist the UX and Reckon One product teams
My responsibilities Survey design, interviewing, data analysis
Team Me – UX Design, Dean Darke – Product Owner, Rob Paris – UX Design Lead (resigned part way through)

I realised that we needed personas in order to improve not only the UX work being made, but also the work being generated overall from the Reckon One team.

Key learnings

  •  Accountants, bookkeepers, and Reckon partners only needed one persona to cover all of them, as their goals and values are essentially the same, their knowledge of accounting and tech is roughly at the same level and there is a lot of crossover in their regular tasks.
  • A role exists in medium and large sized accounting firms that is a cross between accounting and IT. As this role focuses mostly on converting from one product to another and IT issues, it wasn’t enough use to warrant a persona.
  • Within our target market (tradies and businesses in the contracting industry) it divides into 3 different types. The first group hands over everything to their accountant, the second group gets their wife/partner to do the books, and the third group has a good understanding and does it themselves.

Unfortunately I was asked to put the project on hold as the target market was going to be changed.

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