Reckon One Filtering

Date November 2016 – March 2017 (Not released yet)
Client Reckon (Accounting software company)
Key goal 
Make filtering easy to locate without being obtrusive in list screens (lists of contacts etc)
My responsibilities Research, wire framing & prototyping, usability testing
Team Me – UX Design, Dean Darke – Product Owner

We had been receiving consistent feedback that the filtering options on list screens were either hard to find, or complaints that users couldn’t filter lists.

Key learnings

  • Showing the filter icon on hover wasn’t obvious enough
  • The icon used was not associated with filtering
  • Competitors had filters accessible in one place – we had one filter for each column

Changes that are yet to be implemented

  • Remove filter icons from the grid, replace with accessing all filters in one place
  • Use icon that is associated with filtering


  • Multiple filters can be applied in one go
  • Multiple filters can be removed in one go


Before filter redesign

After (mock up)

Filters - after


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