Yalut mobile and desktop app UX Project

Date: February 2014
Client: NICTA – General Assembly (project 4)
Description: Yalut allows users to share (for free) content without it being stored on a centralised server, and giving complete control to users over what they share.
My Role: User Experience Designer
Team Members: Kathryn Sadler, Matt Thompson, Arlen McCarthy
The Brief: We were asked to improve the current sharing process, and to help build a business case so the app could get more funding and be released.

Discovery and Research: Initially we were offered 2 projects, so we decided to take 2 days for each project to research them and decide which one we would do. We ended up going with the project that was the most further along – it already had a working prototype. After that, we delved into the product to understand how it works and what it could be used for. As this was a research project for NICTA it is quite conceptual, and it took us a while to wrap our heads around it. Although we found that there was a huge amount of applications for this app, and that it could be quite an empowering tool for the public. We then needed to bring it back to its core functionality, so as a group we came up with the following product statement:

“Yalut is an app for people who are concerned about their online privacy. Unlike other online storage services, it enables users to share content without storing their data on a centralised server, and integrates directly with social networks.”


Our wall of screen print outs, competitive analysis and other useful notes.

We then moved forward with a competitive analysis with several apps. Some we looked at are specifically secretive like SnapChat, Confide, and Wickr. Some for file sharing like Dropbox, Google Drive and other apps with a more social aspect such as Facebook and Evernote. As well as this we did a survey of 63 people regarding their thoughts and behaviours on social, online security and storage.

The survey showed that participants are mostly quite concerned about their online privacy and thought it was very important to control access to their content, and therefore would be receptive to the kid of app we were working on. Also participants were most concerned about: Disclosure of personal information (to the wrong people), Use of personal data by 3rd parties (Facebook selling data to other companies) and hacking/ID theft. This meant that we needed to reassure users that our product is safe and making all controls easy to use and understand.


Arlen, myself and Matt looking over the survey.

We then developed personas. Our main persona is Dan – a 23 year old photographer from Newtown looking for a good way to privately send photos he takes. Another persona we developed is Janet – a 42 year old married home maker with 2 kids who wants to be able to share photos of her kids with family and having complete control over who sees them.

Sketching and Ideation: We all did several sketches to get our ideas on to paper and to try to work out what would be the best method of displaying all necessary information to the user. After further discussion we got some scenarios going for our personas to understand how they would use this app.


Sketching of potential solutions

Narrowing Scope and Structure:
We also did a feature prioritisation to get the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) which we then used in combination with the previous work to create further sketches and wireframes that were done in Omnigraffle.

Yalut was released on 17th September, 2014 with a new look and feel that used quite a lot of the recommendations that we made.


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