Design Disruptors documentary by Invisionapp screening

I recently saw the Design Disruptors documentary by Invisionapp and after I checked in, I received a ticket which was quite different to the standard ticket – it was a piece of metal (see below). As for the actual documentary itself, I found it to be quite inspiring and reflected the current standing and direction of design in the industry. One point that was raised in the movie was diversity, and yet the documentary featured quite a few designers from rather large companies such as Lyft, DropBox, Facebook etc. I feel that there should have been a more diverse set of companies represented. While I hadn’t heard of all of the companies, they all appeared to be American based large scale companies. I think it would have been nice to see designers from companies from other countries and from start ups etc.

'I am disruptor' Design Disruptor doco ticket.

After the movie was shown, there was a half hour panel including Q&A with Jürgen Spangl (Atlassian), Martin Tomitsch (Design Lab at University of Sydney), Ben Wong (Academy XI) which was hosted by Kayleigh Karutis (InVision). One interesting thing that got pointed out eventually by one of the panelists is was that the panel was 3 men, and yet diversity was one of the themes of the movie.

All in all I think it was a good documentary, and if you can get along to see it definitely check it out.

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